Utilization and protection of assets and resources

Evonik expects employees to utilize the assets and resources provided by the company and third parties correctly and responsibly.

Evonik’s assets and resources include the equipment and services made available to employees for their work. They also include Evonik's intellectual property–for example, inventions, patents, brands and certain confidential business-related information. This is especially valuable to Evonik as an innovative company.

Evonik's assets and resources also include IT systems. Large quantities of data are processed, transmitted and stored digitally. Therefore, the associated IT systems are a vital element in Evonik's business processes. Unauthorized intervention in IT systems is not allowed because it can cause serious disruption to their availability and functioning and therefore disrupt Evonik's business processes.

Every employee must handle Evonik's assets and resources correctly and responsibly. They must be protected from loss, damage and misuse. Using Evonik's assets and resources for private or non-business purposes is not permitted unless the employee has first obtained explicit permission.

The rules set out in the previous paragraph also apply to assets and resources, including intellectual property, belonging to business partners and other third parties. The loss, damage or misuse of such assets and resources can have serious consequences for Evonik and for employees who break the rules.

"We treat our own assets 
 and resources, 
 and those belonging to 
 third parties, responsibly."