Sanctions and consequences

Sanctions and consequences

This Code of Conduct is an integral part of the employment relationship between Evonik and every employee. Violating this Code of Conduct can have serious consequences for employees, for example, disciplinary action under employment law, including termination of employment, or claims for compensation by Evonik or third parties. If violating this Code of Conduct also constitutes a criminal offence, such violation may also result in criminal proceedings, which could lead to the employee being fined or imprisoned.

Violating this Code of Conduct is never in Evonik's interest (zero-tolerance principle). In such cases, employees may not use the defense that they believed they were acting in Evonik's interest.

Even a violation of this Code of Conduct by a single employee can seriously harm Evonik’s reputation and result in considerable financial damage, for example, through fines and claims for compensation.

"We know that violating this 
 Code of Conduct can have serious 
 consequences and sanctions."