Internationally recognized human rights, labor and social standards

Internationally recognized human rights, labor and social standards

Evonik respects internationally recognized human rights.

As a global corporation, Evonik is committed, in particular, to the principles of the International Charter of Human Rights, the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the labor and social standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO), and the principle of social partnership. In addition to the equality of all human rights, the following principles are especially important to Evonik:

  • the right to equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination
  • the avoidance of all forms of child labor and forced labor
  • the right to freedom of association and to collective bargaining
  • fair remuneration and additional benefits based on local market conditions
  • observance of the applicable rules on working hours

Equality of opportunity, diversity, and fair and respectful treatment of others play a key role for Evonik as an employer. Evonik therefore expects its employees to act accordingly in their work. In their business relationships, in particular, all employees must respect the rights of others, and national and cultural diversity. No employee, other person employed by Evonik, prospective employee or business partner may be treated unfairly, accorded preferential treatment, placed at a disadvantage or excluded on the basis of race or ethnic origin, skin color, gender, religion or philosophy, physical constitution, appearance, age, sexual identity or other attributes that are protected by law. All forms of harassment are prohibited. Evonik does not tolerate actions that contribute to or support the violation of human rights.

If employees are concerned about any of the issues referred to in this section, they should contact their supervisor, Corporate Responsibility or the Human Resources department.

"We treat each other 
 with fairness and respect."