Integrity in reporting and capital market regulations

Integrity in reporting and capital market regulations

Evonik respects the integrity of reporting and observes the applicable capital market regulations.

As a publicly listed company, it is especially important for Evonik to secure the trust of shareholders and investors. Among other things, Evonik has to ensure correct financial reporting and equal treatment of all investors.

Financial reporting

To ensure correct financial reporting, all relevant circumstances must be documented in full and correctly, and accounted for in accordance with the relevant external regulations and any internal rules specified by Evonik. In addition, all accounting records and the documents associated with all transactions must be reflected completely and correctly, and Evonik's net assets must be recognized correctly.

Insider infomation

Insider information is information relating to issuers, especially Evonik Industries AG or other Evonik Group companies, and to financial instruments such as shares and bonds that could have a substantial influence on the price of these financial instruments or the price of related financial derivatives if it were to become public knowledge.

Insider information must be treated confidentially. It must not be unlawfully disclosed. Employees may not use such information to purchase or sell such financial instruments for themselves or arrange for third parties to do so.

In addition, employees must comply with all other applicable insider trading rules and local law.

"We ensure orderly 
 and accurate reporting 
 and treat insider information