Environment, safety, health & quality

Environment, safety, health & quality

Evonik regards the protection of people's health and safety and environmental responsibility as essential elements of corporate conduct. The principles of Responsible Care are binding for Evonik worldwide.

Evonik produces and markets products that benefit people. The safety and environmental compatibility of its products has top priority for Evonik. Quality management is used to steadily improve products and production processes, avoid errors, further improve safety, and reduce the use of energy and raw materials. In view of this, employees engaged in associated activities are required to make careful use of the air, water and the soil in accordance with the applicable legal requirements. Waste must be disposed of in accordance with the statutory provisions. The construction, operation, modification and extension of production plants must comply with the permitting regulations.

Evonik has defined high global standards to ensure a uniform safety culture. It continuously drives forward measures to protect health and improve occupational, plant and transportation safety. Material- and production-related risks are systematically reduced. To prevent danger to themselves and others, employees must observe all relevant safety regulations at all times. In addition, all applicable legal requirements on handling and producing chemicals must be observed. All employees are responsible for safety in their area of work.

Evonik is a good neighbor for the communities around its sites. That includes providing transparent information and engaging in dialog. Evonik informs its customers of the correct use and possible impact of its products on people and the environment in compliance with legal requirements. Evonik expects employees to work constructively with the authorities, where applicable.

"We always comply with all 
 relevant environmental 
 and safety regulations."